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Avoiding an accident by reviewing hazardous cycling scenarios

Whether to avoid the time constraints of traffic or simply as a means of exercise, many individuals choose to reach their destinations via bicycle. Perhaps you also prefer to coast from place to place on your bike, and you might thoroughly enjoy the numerous benefits of such a healthy mode of travel.

Unfortunately, this mode of travel may also come with certain risks, especially when riding near motor vehicles. Bicycle-automobile accidents are often devastating, potentially prompting many cyclists to research some of the most common hazards they might face and ways to avoid a collision.

Avoiding a bicycle-related collision

While as a cyclist it can be difficult to react to the sudden movement of a vehicle, if you prepare for certain scenarios ahead of time, you may be able to spot a potential hazard to your safety before it's too late. Some specific scenarios to look out for on the road might include the following:

  • Intersections:  Since bicycles are much smaller than other modes of travel, intersections can be a dangerous place for cyclists. Even if you have the right of way at an intersection, taking note of other vehicles, including those attempting to turn left from the opposite lane, is probably a safe bet.
  • Vehicle approaching from behind:  While cyclists have the same rights to the road as motor vehicles, relying on others to adhere to these rights could be detrimental. Avoiding narrow roads and taking measures to increase visibility could be two ways to reduce the chances of rear-end collision.
  • Sudden turns:  A sudden and unexpected turn on the part of a cyclist or the driver of a motor vehicle can be dangerous, and having awareness of your surroundings while cycling is likely in your best interests.
  • Open doors:  If the area in which you ride has street-side parking, watching out for car doors is probably a solid idea, as the sudden opening of a door could send you to the pavement.

It may also be beneficial to gain an understanding of South Carolina state traffic laws before hitting the open roads. However, in some cases, reacting to the actions of a negligent driver can be nearly impossible, potentially leaving you to suffer the consequences.

The aftermath of an accident

With less available protection as a cyclist, if a car hit you, chances are, you might have suffered serious injuries in the process. If the other driver is at fault, you could have grounds to pursue restitution, but perhaps you are uncertain how to proceed. You could choose to seek guidance in navigating the process, which might help relieve some of your financial stress by assisting you in pursuing the full amount of compensation you deserve.

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