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Seeking recovery following a South Carolina drunk driving crash

Like most conscientious drivers in South Carolina, you try your best to remain alert behind the wheel and adhere to all traffic and safety regulations. If every motorist would do this, the risk of collision would significantly decrease. The problem is that, no matter how safe a driver you happen to be, it's no guarantee that other motorists in your vicinity are also exhibiting safe driving behaviors. In fact, some of the drivers out there are downright menaces to the road.  

Sadly, many fatal accidents occur every year because of reckless or negligent driving. Drunk driving ranks high on most lists of negligent driving behaviors that cause injuries or fatalities to innocent victims throughout the state and across the nation. How well you know the signs of possible driver intoxication may help you avoid collision. It's also good to know where to seek support if a person illegally operating a motor vehicle causes you injury.  

Steer clear of drivers who do these things 

There's no foolproof way of determining if a nearby motorist is acting under the influence of alcohol. However, the following list shows common driving behaviors that suggest a person may, in fact, be a drunk at the wheel: 

  • Driving at night without use of headlights: People who have consumed enough alcohol to render them unable to legally operate motor vehicles often forget to turn their headlights on when exiting their parking spots at night. If you see a car driving with no headlights after dusk, it's best to try to distance yourself as much as possible and, perhaps, pull over to report the incident to local authorities. 
  • Taking turns too wide: Alcohol can impair visual perception and cognitive functions. When driving, intoxicated people tend to make turns far wider than necessary, which often poses great risks for collision. 
  • Turn signals that don't match direction: In addition to forgetting to use headlights, drunk drivers often use one turn signal while turning in the opposite direction.
  • Veering left or right in a lane: Many alcohol-impaired drivers have trouble keeping their vehicles in the centers of their lanes. If you witness a car drifting near or over the yellow line or a nearby curb, it may be a sign that the driver is drunk.  

Nothing is more terrifying that entering a highway only to find a vehicle coming at you head-on in the wrong direction. Wrong-way driving is unfortunately another common error many drunk drivers make. If you're able to come to a safe stop and call for police assistance, it may help save your life and others. It's not always possible to do this, however, so, knowing where to turn for help after a collision is equally important, in case you suffer injury because of an intoxicated driver. 

Resources available 

Many South Carolina accident victims need emergency medical assistance. Hopefully, rescue workers who responded to your accident scene were able to help you get the care you needed. Car accidents often cause serious emotional trauma as well; your area may have support groups in place or licensed counselors who can help you cope. Many people who suffer injuries in drunk driving accidents also seek recovery for their losses in court by filing personal injury claims against those deemed liable. 

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