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How do comparative and contributory negligence differ?

In the civil justice system of South Carolina, the court bases any personal injury or tort case on fault or negligence. Different states have adopted various doctrines to apply when it comes to awarding monetary judgments, with comparative negligence and contributory negligence being the two primary types of fault. Although South Carolina uses a version of the comparative negligence system, some neighboring states use the contributory doctrine.

How safe is your young child as a pedestrian?

If you are a parent of young children in South Carolina, you might experience anxiety whenever they are off to school or in any circumstances in which they have to deal with vehicular traffic. You will probably know that children in elementary school are active and could be very impulsive. Although you cannot protect your children forever, those under the age of 10 years will likely not be ready to deal with traffic without supervision and guidance.

Avoiding an accident by reviewing hazardous cycling scenarios

Whether to avoid the time constraints of traffic or simply as a means of exercise, many individuals choose to reach their destinations via bicycle. Perhaps you also prefer to coast from place to place on your bike, and you might thoroughly enjoy the numerous benefits of such a healthy mode of travel.

Don't snooze on seeking compensation after a drowsy-driver crash

You undoubtedly know that without the proper amount of sleep, completing necessary tasks becomes much more difficult. Though you may have the ability to trudge through your workday while feeling groggy, you should leave certain tasks until you feel more awake and fully ready to perform the necessary actions with the proper attention. For instance, you certainly know that you should not get behind the wheel of a vehicle while feeling sleepy.

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